Hair Cuts

Ba-Le Well Beauty Salon has expert hairstylists that can help you decide on the best haircut for your face shape. We understand that your haircut can help define the impression you make on people, and we want you to make a good one!

Not only do we have a facility and hairstylists that will make you feel right at home, but we stay up to date on all of the trendy hairstyles for both women and men. We’re confident that you will be so satisfied with our hair salon services, that you will be hooked after your first visit.

Ba-Le Well Beauty Salon in Hoi An, works hard to make sure that everyone feels welcome at our beauty salon.

Haircut (Women)270,000$12.00
Haircut (Men) – with clippers120,000$5.00
Haircut (Men) – cut & style160,000$7.00
Shave Beard – wet shave120,000$5.00
Trim Beard – with clippers70,000$3.00
Shampoo and blow dry120,000$5.00
Shampoo, blow dry & style220,000$10.00
Straightening – dry120,000$5.00
Straightening – chemical1,260,000$55.00

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