Are you looking for professional hair highlights or a haircut to bring out your natural beauty? Or maybe a new style cut to boost your confidence? Have you found your first grey hair and need professional hair colouring, or are you going to that special event and want an elegant do? Ba-Le Well Beauty Salon is ready to help. We offer comprehensive hair services for men and women. Our hair services include cutting, styling, conditioning, straightening, colouring, highlighting and perming. We pride ourselves on being the best hair stylists in the business.

A good hair salon can handle hair for any occasion or event. If you are hitting the town it’s likely that you’ll want more than just a trim or simple cut. Regardless of your needs, our stylists know how to do it all. If you have damaged or discoloured hair from hair colour gone wrong, we offer professional and effective hair colour treatment to fix any mistake and repair the damage it may have caused. Our stylists have experience working with all types of hair and hairstyles.

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