Ba-Le Well Beauty Salon specialises in hair removal using warm crème wax. Our extensive waxing service includes leg, bikini, arm, underarm and eyebrow waxing. Our waxing therapist trained in the UK at a highly-respected beauty school and all products used are imported directly from the UK’s leading professional beauty suppliers.

Our specialists here at Ba-Le Well Beauty Salon are also trained to properly shape eyebrows and can even handle the unwanted hair around the lip or on your feet. After your eyebrow waxing, we use oils and lotions to help the skin exfoliate and stay smooth. We provide several excellent hair removal services, including Threading, for all of your beauty needs. We understand that unwanted hair is an eyesore and that waxing should not have to be painful.

As part of our body waxing hair removal service, we use high quality wax so that you don’t get rashes or any strange allergic reactions. Our waxing services are fast and affordable. We are gentle and careful so that you can have an ideally pain-free experience when you come to us for any of your waxing needs.

Service VND USD
Full Leg 550,000 $25
Full Leg and Bikini 792,000 $36
Half Leg (lower) 352,000 $16
Half Leg (upper) 308,000 $14
Full Arm 330,000 $15
Half Arm 220,000 $10
Bikini (standard) 330,000 $15
Back 550,000 $25
Underarm 132,000 $6
Lip 88,000 $4
Chin 88,000 $4
Eyebrows 132,000 $6
Face 374,000 $17

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